Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday PAa - Sponging

Like I said last week I am gonna try a system on blogging over here. I really hope this work.
Mondays are the Monday Mani PaA. Today we all have the SPONGING theme. And I came up with this one. I posted color by color. I used a Sally Hansen HD polish. I absolutely love the formula. Not streaky at all. When I saw it at the store I was kinda reluctant about it cause I saw the brush and I didn't really thought it would be a good one. But I had to bring it home cause it on a clearance box for a dollar and something plus I had a coupon. So why not?? And now I am wondering if there were any othe HDs left in that box. I should have brought all of them. That green is so bright and pretty that it makes me smile.It's such a gorgeous holographic. I am very pleased with this mani and can't stop staring at my peacock design. What do you think? And again, sorry about my pictures. I'm still not happy with them :) If youa re reading this and do great on your nail pictures please give a hand here.

BC: Essie
Color: Sally Hansen HD 13-Resolution CLICK HERE to buy it
Sponging: PURE ICE - All Night Long
Stamping: ULTA Lotsa Luxe
Design: BM 212 CLICK HERE to buy this plate


  1. Lovely! These colors are absolutely beautiful together!

  2. I LOVE this! Didn't see it in the group, but there's so much going on there, that it's impossible to keep up! hah

  3. I think your photos are just fine :) Your lighting is good and your nails are clear and crisp (not blurry!). I also love love love this manicure!

  4. **Thank you ambern1984. I love that combo two. I honestly didn't think that mani would come out as good as it did.

    **Swååfie - Thanks for stopping by. I know there are some many blogs on the group and so many good girls doing awesome mani. Thanks again for visiting my blog among the multitude girl.

    88 LeonaCarolina - Thanks girl! i am just trying to do better mani pics. Those pictures are taken w/ my iPhone lolo. I tried my big camera by it's hard to hold it w/ just one hand since it's so heavy.

    And again evrybody I'm loving your comments. Keep them coming. You guys make my day more bright!! Thanks!!


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