Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pink Wednesday - Jordana Tangy

I have found this pretty coral pink from Jordana that I am just in love. For some reason, I have been so into coral colors lately. I have a shirt I bought this summer that I better have somebody over and hide that for me. I am wearing it all the time.
This is my first time wearing this brand of nail polish. I have picked 4 different shades of Jordana. I love that name. It was my best neighborhood friend's name. How I miss her. Green eyes and freckles. We were always looking fo trouble. Miss that girl.
But anyways, here are some pictures of Jordana Tangy. And I don't know why I have some problems photographing coral/orange colors. The iPhone camera has a HDR feature so I am adding those pictures with that different setting so you can get an idea of the color. I even tried to use a white background since the table I use is gray and it kinda darkens out any bright colors I have on my nails. I know I really should look for a greater way to get better pictures. For today I cropped my pictures ( I like Kellie Gonzo's style)  so you guys can just see more my nails then hands. I just don't like to spend time editing pictures :(
Also I stamped some Konad over that beautiful coral shade and I love it! I then applied a new top coat I found to be as good as Seche Vite. Not better. But good. The Color Club 0-60 does its job. I like it cause it isn't that thick like SV and it doesn't have that strong smell to it. The only difference is that have the shinny factor that the SV adds to your polish. But that's about it on my opnion. Also it's a lot cheaper than SV anyways. But I got admit SV has a specila place in my heart. Below you can see pictures of the color club dry fast top coat.

Here are some of my favorite pink corals I totally recommend.
Jordana Tangy, Essie Tart Deco, Essie Cute as a Button, RIMMEL Orange Sunset

TC: Essie
Color: Jordana Tangy
Stamping: Sally hansen White On
Design: M26
TC: 0-60


  1. That stamping is AWESOME. I'm not a pink girl but this looks adorable.

  2. Ohh...Very adorable, I love this flowers.

  3. Girls that Jordana polish is the bomb. Unexpensive and the formula is so great!


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