Friday, July 22, 2011

Green Apple from Sinful Colors Swatch

TGIF right!!! Yeaeyayey I love Fridays.
So here is a swatch of a shimmer green from Sinful Colors. I have tried this before but didn't get too excited like now. So I got to have a picture for you guys. I liked so much I didn't even want to do any stamping or anything. This green is like those mint greens you can see all over lately but not too bright. I would say it's more subtle than the others. It has this shimmer tone to it that I love and surprisingly the formula, brush and everything is really good. Usually I don't "love" all the Sinful Colors nail polishes. This one I totally recommend.

BC: Essie
Color: Sinful Colors 947- Mint Apple


  1. I loove this polish. I have it! It's darker than most mints like Revlon Minted and shimmery, yeah :)

  2. I have that one, I need to try it on! I'm wearing the gun metal these last couple of days but need to redo my hands since it got chipped. PS. reply my text and phone call please!!!!

  3. I saw this polish the other day at the store, but I didn't buy it. Now I wish I would have. This is a pretty green.

  4. this is really pretty? anything like turned up turquoise by china glaze?

    shel xx

  5. Ah, tu vai pintar minha unha amanha, ah se vai!!! haha Ju, essa cor tb adoro. Eh bem parecida com a mint daquela marca cara que voce postou uma vez... adoro esse tom de verde!

  6. Girls I love this color too.

    * Sophie - I haven't tried the Revlon one. I should give it a try!!

    * Cris - You totally should try yours!!! I love that polish. I am not a fan of all Sinful Colors formulas. But this one is a must have it.

    * imfeelingnail-venturous - you should totally go back and buy that polish then. Right? I am not marketing for Sinful Colors though lololo

    * Irishenchantment - Thank you darling!! I don't have any turquoise by china glaze. Otherwise I would do a swatch just for you :)

    * Nani - mulher venha q faço suas unahs amanhã sim. Vc escolhe a cor e eu faço com certeza. Adorei te ver hoje!!!

  7. Ju,

    I know you are a nail polish expert rs. Please help me!!! Do you know anything good to make the nails stronger. My nails are breaking all the time and I have no idea what to do. Maybe is my diet now but I don't think so.

    So do you know any good product that may help me on this. Thanks Ju =)!!!


  8. Oh Vanessa, I am not a nail expert lololo but thanks for your compliment. You are so sweet!
    I might write a post just for you talking about the stuff to strength your nails and take care of brittle nails and cuticles. I promise I will post about that. And you know what, a good diet does have to do with it. Keep tuned I'll post that for you!
    But what you cna do for now is file your nails and use any stregth base coat you find at the store. The Sally Hansen ones are really good!
    Plus remember to always hidrate your cuticles and hands. I love the Burts Bees stuff. For now that's all.

  9. I just bought this color last weekend, but haven't tried it out yet. Now I want to. It looks amazing.


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