Friday, July 1, 2011

My leopard

I got a nude shade from Essence tha tis absolutely gorgeous. It looks grayish on the pictures below but it is a nude with gold sparkle. I believe it's not glitter but just gold shimmer I guess.
The bottle is kinda tinny with just 5ml in it. But theya re so cute. Love that the Essence polishes have their lids mathing with the nail formula. This was my frist time using that brand and I am very pleased. Love everything about it. Plus when I read on its back it is made in France I had a smile on my face. Also it's a quick dry formula and it's not goopy like the other quick dry formulas I have used. usually you have to be super quick with those type of nail polish but not with this one. Thumbs up!
Then I thought that would be a great base color to do some a leopard print. I like it. Specially now that my nails are that long. It might not look long to you but usually I keep my nail reallu short cause the job I had. Now, lets say I'm taking a break and I'm gonna see how my nails will look if they don't break before then or I get annoyed by it.
Anyways, hope you guys have a great Friday and a super duper 4th of July weekend!! What are you guys doing?

BC: Essie
Color: Essence 50-Irreplaceable
Stamping: Risqué Dara/ ULTA Lutsa Luxe
Design: M57

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