Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh my weekend

Are you having  a good weekend? I am!
I know this is a nail blog but I have to post this for you guys. Me and my lovie went to watch the movie Horrible Bosses. Such a great hilarious comedy. I totally recommend it to you. If you need a good laugh go and see it. I loved it! I also saw Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz . Oh my gosh, it's a great entertaining movie plus I love her and it's also a funny movie. Holly cow, Hollywood is really knowing how to make good comedies. Oh, and I sould include the movie Bridesmaids to the list too. I saw it a few weeks back and laugh so hard my stomach had cramps lololo
Then my mani I was wearing all weekend long it was a simply one but still so pretty. It was inspired by Bee Beautiful. I couldn't do it straight but it came up pretty good still - I think. I had to use 2 different designs for that mani and it was kinda hard to figure out the distance for the tip. But yeah, I revisited this neutral from L.A. Colors . It's a little too sheer. I had to do 3 coats of it. But it's still a good polish for only a $1 at Dollar Tree.

BC: Essie
Color: L.A.Colors
Stamping: Sally Hansen White One
Design: M57

And now the movie trailers so you guys can get a taste of what I have seen lately





  1. I love this movie...Bad teacher is very funny!! About the details of your nail, you draw it or is this patch? Sorry my english's terrible.

  2. Monique your english is pretty good. Just keep pratcing and it will come. Yeah, Bad Teacher is soooooo funny! Where do you live here in the States? The designs on my nail I do with stamping. There are plates with assorted designs that are engraved and you can transfer it to you nail. I have the plates to sell on the right side bar here on my blog. Amazon sells them. Check my store link with Amazon here on my blog and you will see what I am talking about!! It's really neat!!

  3. For now I live in Rio, after our K1 visa is approved I'll be in Hartsdale, NY. I saw the link in your blog and I already know these stamps but I'll have to wait to get there to buy anything - It's quite complicated to ship the items here...hahaha. Kisses


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