Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Talk Tuesdays - How the vietnamese became salon giants CNN

I was browsing through CNN and saw  this video. Found it very interesting and thought it would be great to share on my Talk Tuesday.
Have you ever asked yourself why most of the nail salons are managed by vietnamese people ? Or  at least have a bunch of them working there? When i moved to the States and went to a nail salon I thought I just happened to go to a vietnamese salon. Then went to another one with a friend of mine for company and there they were again. I was just wondering why they " monopolized" all the nail salons I could find lolo Laugh. Seriously. I was thinking may be doing nails it's a popular vietnamese thing. I don't know. Please leave me a comment so I don't feel stupid thinking  like that myself lolo. But then I watched to this video and I thought it was very interesting information that answered my wondering question I have had for a while. Everything started with a movie in the 70's, a kind actress with beutiful nails and a big heart and 16 hard workers vietnamese women. Such a neat story you have to learn.
You won't regret watching trust me!


  1. That's really cool! Loved the video

  2. Ju, interessante mesmo. Eu tb nao sabia da historia por tras disso nao.
    Engracado eh que brasileiras fazem unhas mil vezes melhor do que a Vietnamistas, e nao conseguiram se dar tao bem no mercado quanto elas.
    Agora, eles deveriam tb eh ensinar essas mulheres a falar ingles neh, porque PQP odiei quando fui em alguns saloes aqui vietnamistas e as benditas nao falavam uma palavra em ingles, pior ainda ficam conversando entre si na lingua delas e rindo a toa na cara dos fregueses. Acho isso o cumulo da falta de respeito.

  3. Concordo com vc Nani. Ma sesse video achei bastante interessante pq eu smepre me perguntava como eh que esses vietnamitas eram tao nail experts e pq faziam sucesso aqui.


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