Friday, October 14, 2011

Essie Fall 2011 Collection Swatches

I am so happy to have this collection. Too bad I didn't find the other 2 remaining that are Glamour Purse and Very Structured. You can see a picture of the whole collection HERE. For now I have 4 beautiful fall shades. If you wanna test your luck I'm giving away another set like that, one for each person. Head on over HERE to see details about the giveaway.

 From the far left to right on the picture above you see: Lady Like, Power Clutch, Carry On and Case Study.
Keep scrolling down if you want to see the swatches of them. Just want to let you know that those polishes are very pigmented, I used my trivial 2 coats for full coverage, application with no issues, all these colors have cream finishes, and no top coat used for the pictures you see. Overall, really loved these polishes.

 LADY LIKE - it's a dark rosed pink. I think the name suits this polishes really well. I'd say this would be the polishes to wear when you don't have much time for a full mani but still want some color on your nails. I love it.

 POWER CLUTCH - it's a dark gray polish with a military green undertone to it. Super fall/wintery right? I really really like this color. I know since last fall/winter we started seing the military green and they are still coming but that tone is quite unique in my collection.

CARRY ON - a dark plum color. It's beautiful and also very classic. I might have dupe for it in my collection. I have seen this color before in some bottle. But still, it's very pretty. I had a hard time photographing that color though cause it looks more dark on than through the bottle. 

CASE STUDY - very unique. Case Study is kinda hard to define its color. It's a nude but very pigmented beige with brown undertones that makes it to look a littlebold when it's on your nails. Very unique indeed. I liked that color but I don't know if it looks good on my skin.


  1. I have all of these but the pink one- I don't do pink! But these colors are so pretty!

  2. Great colors! I definitely think I'll need power clutch!

  3. I have this whole collection! I love them! :) They look great on you .. Case Study might be closer to Classic Camel than Nude Now, eh? ;) I've learned to NOT trust my eyes though. LOL!

  4. These are all very pretty!


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