Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Mani - Happy Halloween - Color Club Wham!Pow! + Nicole by OPI Black Texture

Welcome Monday and Happy Halloween!!
This is gonna be super quick. Sorry, I couldn't be more creative with a mani for the Halloween day. I was wearing  some cool mani the past days though. If you want to them them out go HERE
For the mani of today I had like 10 min only to do this and I knew I couldn't do a more elaborated mani. I grabbed a pumpkin neon color from Color Club Wham!Pow! and used a black shatter polish from Nicole by OPI Black Texture.

Sorry for the picture above. I had such a hard time photographing that color Color Club Wham!Pow!.The real color is more like a traffic neon orange cone. My camera usually has a hard time getting corals, oranges.
And hey, I have to go :) I hope you had a great weekend. Did you get to go to any fun Halloween party?

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