Friday, October 7, 2011

Comparison Sally Hansen Nude Now x China Glaze Classic Camel

Friday is here!! And we are gonna have a chilli and windy weekend over here. I don't have any particular plans other than get my mug out the cupboard for some hot chocolate. Uhmmm love this time of the year!
And my post today is specially for Kellie, a girl from one of the groups on facebook. She was asking for some comparisons between Sally Hansen Nude Now x China Glaze Classic Camel. When I read that I instantly said to myself  " Oh, they are totally different in every single way possible." But I understand that if you don't have those polishes you wanna see swatches side by side no matter what. And also I couldn't refuse to do my first comparison post here on my blog right?
Kellie here you have it girl! And hope you enjoy the swatches that I did just for you :)

 Sally Hansen - Nude Now is one of my favorite nudes. It's a cream nude with pinkish undertones. I don't wear it very often but it's a great color to change your old polish and go without worring much about cleaning. I like it a lot cause it really blends with my skin color.

 China Glaze - Classic Camel is more a beige than a nude in my opnion. It's more yellow and there is a fine gold shimmer to it. I don't own many China Glazes myself. Probably cause I hardly ever pay full price for my nail polishes. When I bought this polish I grabbed it cause I loved the color on the bottle plus it was on clearance. When I put it on I was like " Nahhhh"  it looks terrible on my skin color. The polish a little to yellowish for me. But I kept though cause I like the color... on the bottle lololo

Now some pictures of the colors with its bottle. So you can agree with me THEY ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT!

Hope you all enjoyed my first comparison post. And if you want me to do one for you please contact at or on the tab CONTACT ME on the right side bar of your monitor. If I have the polishes you are asking I will be glad to swatch for you if I alredy haven't before.

Thanks for reading!!


  1. HOLY CRAP!! You're so right. LOL That's too funny. I don't know why I thought they looked similar. Obviously, I'm colorblind!

    Thanks girlie!! <3

  2. Oh and PS - thank you for dedicating your FIRST! comparison post to me. :)

    I don't think I like the ChG polish. It looks more like mustard than camel. lol The SH polish is sooo pretty. I wore it for 4! days straight last week! That's like an eternity for someone that changes her mani almost everyday! LOL <3


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