Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jordana Purple Glam

Oh wowww!! I had bought this Jordana awhile back and of course this baby was on my untried pile. How come I have never tried this polish before? This is Jordana Purple Glam. I am super excited to show it to you guys.
Purple Glam is a sparkle glitter and confetti suspendend in a gorgeous purplish grape base. Looking at this swatch kinda looks like I've tried to do a glitter sandwich but no. It is the polish itself. It's really pretty! I couldn't stop loooking at my nails- laugh. And again, I have to say Jordana polish are really really good. Needless to say it's super affordable. I have had great experiences with jordana polishes overall. The price is great, it's quite good amount for a polish 15ml content, great brush, formula is always great and very pigmented. If you haven't tried Jordana polishes before you should give it a try.

And I had to do a blurry picture so you guys could see all the sparkle in that polish. I just love it!! I don't have anything in my collection like it. It's a must have!


  1. Such a pretty purple! And the shimmer?? Oh my!

  2. ooh very nice!! you should check out the giveaway going on at the jordana cosmetics facebook page. hurry though, i think it is over in a couple hours!

  3. I love this polish!


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