Sunday, October 2, 2011

My favorite white nail polish? This one here.

Hello my friends! Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend as much as I am enjoying mine. I am loving my weekend and I'll be sad it will be over soon. I have my best friend from Arizona visiting me for the whole weekend.
For today's post I have a favorite simple thing to share with you guys.
Funny that I was planning on posting this and I got 2 messages asking me what was my favorite white nail polish. And here you have it!
I've tried so many white nail polishes and couldn't never find to like anyone. I then got to find my favorite white polish in a bottle of Jordana. Yes! It's a plane white polish. But so so pigmented and with easy application. I wish I had known of this polish before. No streaky, no dragging and only my usual 2 coats of lacquer. And if you are wondering the price I'll tell you it's only $1.99 plus taxes. I couldn't be happier to have this polish!! I am very pleased cause I could never find a good consistent white polish. Maybe I am being to dramatic but if you like nail polish - well if you are reading this this far and have your eyes on this blog that means you like polish right? So, yeah, I am not being over excited but anywho I am happy I found Jordana White :)
Have a great day my friends and again thank you for following me here on my blog and facebook page. It's like I always say, I am not an expert in the nail polish stuff but I so enjoy this world. I just love to connect to people and show my findings! Hope you guys like what I share. I wanna also say that I feel so special with all the sweet comments I get here, all the comments and photos you share on Lacquered Me facebook page and the emails even wishing me well when I am sick. I feel special!
Thank you!

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  1. Thank you for showing this. I was curious about the brand and afraid to buy just to find out they aren't pigmented...
    How is the lasting power for you? =)

  2. Oh I love Jordana nail polishes.
    They last pretty good. I always use a good top coat to help with that. You should give it a try. I don't like the shimmers form jordana but the cream ones are my favorites!


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