Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Essie brights

Summer is coming slowlyover here. It's been warm lately but it's be windy and overcast sometimes. However, I am so excited for summer. I am thrilled to wear summer colors on my nails and clothes. This shade of red/orange Essie is really bright yet beautiful. It's an opaque red. the formula is just perfect and easy to apply. Usually opaques from Essie tend to be a little thick and streaky. But this one surprised. I will definetely wear that color on my toes. Well, my big toe nail just needs to grow out. I had a little problem with it last year and it's still growing out. It's such a bummer cause I really like to paint my toes specially when spring/summer is here. But anyways, here are pics of my Essie Enuf is Enuf swatch for you.

BC: Essie All in One
Color: Essie Enuf is Enuf

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