Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vintage Victorian Flowers

I remember that I have seen this mani all over google then I saw this video on youtube and decided on trying my own free hand vintage victorian flowers. I added some sparkly strips to it to put my signature on it. This mani does look like wall paper. I wish I was good at making those flowers like my grandma Janda was when she used to paint on fabric. I used to just sit by her and watch her. I liked the smell of the fresh paint and playing around with her brushes dipped in a cup of water ... Oh sweet memories. That totally reminds me of her. Yesterday I heard she felt and got hurt really bad. I hope she gets better. I miss her a lot!
And also I think this mani it looks like a hand cream from Australia. I think the package is just adorable.

I used an app on my phone to age my picture and it really give the vintage hint to it. Don't you think?

BC: Essie
Colors: Sally Hansen 340- Mint Sorbet / Essie Fun in the Gondola
Stripes: LA Colors Art Deco White/ Wet n'Wild 435A-Sparked
Flowers: NYC 112-Times Square Tangerine Creme/ Wet n'Wild 449C-French White Creme
Leaves: LA Colors Art Deco Bright Green/ ULTA Professional Urban Jungle


  1. Ju,

    I loved your vintage victorian flowers manicure, you did such a great a job. I wish I could make it, it looks really hard though.


  2. Vanessa thank you for stopping by! I am still trying to do free hand things on my nails. My coordination is not the best but... here I try lololo plus pratice leads us to perfection right. I might as well give it a shot :)


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