Friday, June 10, 2011

 Like I am always saying, I love the NYC nail polishes ... specially these quick dry ones. They are my favorites. I love the formula and love the brush. When I use them I hardly need to clean it off afterwords.That's how great the brushes are. I spotted the NYC Murray Hill Mauve
 and had to get it when I saw it. It's a very discret shimmer polish. I like the wine color to it. I am just having issues and trying differente ways and lights to show the colors as real as possible but so far I have had no success whatsoever. I've tried to use my big Nikon but it's just to heavy for me to hold with just one hand. Tried to get the grip off of it but still. I also gave a try on my old broken Sony which used to have a great macro setting but yeah, it's broken. And the last two pics below are from my other old Sony. I am still using my iPhone to take my nail pictures. It's just so easy. But I want to figure out a good alternative to do better nail pictures. I'll just keep trying. Anyways, if you are reading this and want to give me some tips please let me know. They are very welcome.

BC: Sally Hansen
Color: NYC Murray Hill Mauve
Stamp: ULTA Lotsa Luxe

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  1. Ju, eu acho que as fotos do IPHONE sao otimas. Adoro como voce faz a montagem das duas fotos. Nao precisa mudar de camera nao.

    Ah, amei essa cor de hoje. Vinho. Amo cores assim. A que eu comprei com voce eh um roxo mais escuro, mas gosto de varias tonalidades de roxo.


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