Monday, May 30, 2011

My friend said it looks like Hawaiian stuff

This was one of those mani that you start with a color and just go playing around with things. And I like it. I was trying for the first time the color Sand Tropez by Essie and then I thought I could use some color on it. Decided then to pratice a little more with the designs and tried some other polishes until I found the Barielles one Wool You Marry Me that worked on the stamp just wonderful. My friend Cris says it resembles Hawaiian stuff but I think it reminds me of capuccino - even though I am not a coffee drinker.

BC: Essie All in One
Color: Essie Sand Tropez
Design: Barielle 5101-Wool You Marry Me


  1. Hiyya! You inspired me to do my own blog! Please follow me too.

  2. Eh Cris, miguinha.------------------
    Selena, follow my blog too and I will follow your for sure. Thanks!!


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