Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Talk Tuesday

Hope you all had a great and safe Halloween time. Today is November 1st and I can't believe how fast the year went by. But I can't complain at all cause that means birthday time is coming!!! In 3 days I'll become an older and happier girl. I love birthdays!!!
I posted this last week on my facebook page but I'll be posting this here to in case you don't do facebook.
If you want to mail me a birthday card you guys can send it to:

BOMA - E.Queiroz (Julia)
315 Central NW Suite K
Albuquerque, NM 87102

When sending, mail the card straight to my box since that box works as a P O Box. Don't send anything that will require my signature. Also just send me a bday card if you feel like. I might play a surprise whit those cards. I'll wait until the end of the month of November.

Ok, now just for you t enjoy something really cute today here a have a fun video.When I first saw little fingers sporting nail polish in a run way was this past July in Sao Paulo at the Fashion Week HERE. I thought it was so so so fun!!
Now Chanel put some nails to dance like in a cabaret. Check this out! I love it. I just think that this time they could have dressed the fingers lololo

Hope you guys had fun watching that.Have a lovely Tuesday!!


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