Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Mani PaA - Fierce Accent

I know right? Busy past weeks with my trip, a baby shower I pulled off and then Thanksgiving and all. I thought of having automatic posts for you guys but I just did not have time whatsoever for it. No kidding! next time I'll try to plan on staying more active and not let my blog out to the flies.
But overall I had a blast in Arizona visiting my sister, my in-laws, a baby shower, visiting friends, eating at my favorite places, surprising my sista with a totally unexpected baby shower - it was sooo fun. I also got to meet the lovely Sarah Johnson, my polish friend that I met online in one of the groups I'm part of awhile ago. She is also in the Lacquered Me 11 Packages Birthday Club. It was sooo fun cause she got to give my package in person ( I'll let you guys know how the club is going in another post). It was so great to get to meet her in person and chat about polish and also what we enjoy besides polish. I just love meeting people in real life. It's like " they are real". Duhhh , I know. But I'm dork like that. Hey Sarah, I'm so glad we got to meet during my trip.
Anyways, I have been neglecting the Monday Manis really bad. I promise I'll fill up the past 2 Mondays I didn't do. For this Monday they came up with Fierce Accent. I pulled my stamping plate M64 for the accent. But oh man, I love that plate. I like all the designs on that plate and the one chose is definitely my favorite.
This is my take on the fierce accent challenge. I was going to do just the finger nail cause when I hear " accent nail" that's what comes to my mind. However I find  this mani to be very fierce and super elegant. Sorry I didn't take a picture of the base burgundy color by itself. Totally forgot. But that is RIMMEL Burgundy Flirt. I'll do a swatch later and come back posting here for you. It's such a pretty cream bloody red.

 Bottle of RIMMEL Burgundy Flirt

Bottle of Color Club Antiquated

Base Color: Rimmel Burgundy Flirt
Stamping: Color Club Antiquated
Desing: M64


  1. Definitely fierce! :D Those foils rock for stamping! I've been keeping my eye out for that $10 stamping kit at Rite Aid as I have yet to venture into the stamping world. I really can't wait to try it!

  2. I love jelly red, and silver stamping instead of gold is a little unexpected but it turns out that it is amazing


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