Thursday, November 10, 2011

NYC Color Pier 17 + Wet n' Wild Cougar Attack

Oh, NYC polishes... How I love them. Right in my budget if I want new colors and quality is superb. Do you own any NYC polishes? If not you should give it a try. Love everything about it!
Today I have reached to a bottle of NYC Pier 17. Beautiful royal blue shimmer. The formula is thinner than usual but I did my usual 2 coats for full coverage.

 The I knew I wanted to do something to it but didn;t have time for stamping or anythign like it so I tried to pair that up with Wet n' Wild Cougar Attack, the gorgeous copper glitter I was lemming from the On the Prowl Collection. I had to swap to get that baby cause there was no where for it to be founf by me around here. Anyways, I'm so happy I have it. Kinda love that copper over the blue. It's different and I like it! Do you ? Or is it weird?


  1. Copper+blue=AMAZING! I am bookmarking this to copy (will credit you for sure cause this is GORGEOUS)

  2. It is different, but in such a good way! I would have never thought to pair the 2 together!

  3. Looks very nice, just sounds like a weird combo. Came out great!


  5. I absolutely LOVE this layering!!! The copper over the blue pops so beautifully! :D It reminds me of one of my Barielle lemmings, Falling Star. And I know what you mean - I hunted like a crazy woman for the On the Prowl Collection with no luck. :/

    I love NYC polishes! My favorite is Teal the End, the most gorgeous teal shimmer ever made, to me anyway. :D I also love Starry Silver Glitter, Empire State Blue, Midnight Amethyst...there are so many great ones! <3


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