Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Mani PaA - Plaid ( w/ a little fail)

Here is my take on Plaid for this week. I tried to be as fast as I could and there I had it ... fail. But besides that I still like how that mani looks. Not from a close up though. I used plate M60 cause I knew I didn't feel like attempting a free hand for this. I used Sally Hansen Navy Baby for the stmaping. And oh, baby yeah that polish is great for stamping.

and if you wanna see a swatch for the base color here it is. That is Essie Lapiz of Luxury. A nice cream lavender blue that looks beautiful besides the pain in the neck that it is to apply. The formula is soooo thin that I needed 3 coats there for full coverage. Love love Essie polishes but there are a few of them that they lack consistency in their formulas. It's yet to come my swatches of the Cocktail Bling , Essie latest collection that has been released. I absolutely love them all. And must tell yoou most them could be a one coater. I'll give you more details when I post that here. But Lapiz of Luxury just reminded me of one of the polishes in that collection. Such a graceful color but Essie really knew how to cranck up on pigmentation. Stay tuned!

BC: Essie
Base Color: Essie Lapiz of Luxury
Design: M60
Stamping: Sally Hansen Navy Baby

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Love Lapiz of Luxury so pretty, need.

  2. I think it looks great! I love the two blues together! :D And oh man, I love Lapis of Luxury so much. (((hugs bottle))) Such a beauty!

  3. Turned out great! So pretty and subtle, I love it:)

  4. I like the base color but for the print I'm not sure

  5. Off topic but I saw the Essie Luxe collection at Walgreen's on Thursday! So many glittery topcoats!


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