Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Talk Tuesday - I got my 11 packages from the Lacquered Me Birthday Club - Long post

Did you wonder at all how the 11 Packages Bday Club was going?
Yeah, I'm here to tell you guys how fun my birthday month was.  The Birthday Club went really well the first starting month. The  eleven girls spoiled me rotten with so many fun packages. I had all those 11 packages coming throughout the month of November and of course you can imagine how thrilling it was. Everyday I was so eager to reach in to my mail box and find something special in there. The limit price for the packages are $5-$10 and trust me that can make someone smile or even ... do a happy dance like I did :) I want to say thank you to Amber, Arielle, Andrea, Ashley, Bee, Erika, Sarah B, Sarah J, Jodi, Ninon and Kristal. You guys were awesome!! This was the best month birthday that I have had in yearssssssss. I love everything you guys shopped for me and even hand made specially for me. Each package meant a lot to me. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!
So, here are some pictures I took along the month so I could share with us. Sorry for the bad quality photos. But keep your focus on what was inside of my special packages ok? All the girls did great!

 Here is a picture of all the 11 packages under my desk in my office. That's the way I kept track of how many more packages were coming on my way and had to join the other one under my desk. Doesn't that look super cool?

 Jodi's and Andrea's packages : those were the first ones I got right on my birthday week.  My first Konad polish and Kleancolor and some other awesome goodies. OMG I think I won't be able to describe how happy I am for all those things. But keep scrolling down to see more and more. I just wish I could have made a video of me opening all the packages. Seriously. It would be fun to watch for sure.

 Then I realized it would be great if I'd take pictures of the packages with name tags on who's gift was it from. Then i can remember to thank Bee for the awesome Origami she made ( my husband loved it) and all the confetti in the package ( I should have taken a pic of them - somewhat iridescent one, super cool) without mentioning the Essie she sent I'm in love with it and the other goodies. Kristal sent me some cool polishes I have never owned before. All of thema re new to me and I'm excited to try all of them. And I simply loved the bday card she sent me. Super cute. And thanks for the other goodies too. Thank you girls!!!!!
 Then I went to Arizona and got to meet with Sarah J in person. that was soooo fun that she got to give my gift present in person. We had lunch together, had somee polish chat and I got to open my package right there with her. I got some Sally Hansen Prisms. Such cool holografic polishes, hand cream, dotting tools and all the goodies. Thank you Sarah and it was a pleasure getting to meet you. I hope we can all get together sometime soon :) I got home from Arizona and had Ashley's and other 2 girls' packages waiting for me at home. Wowww!!!! I felt in love with the post card Ashley sent to me. I looove post cards. She also brought me back to sweet childhood with memories I have of me being crazy about Sweet Rocks. OPI and Barielle brought also a smileeee in my face as well as the owl earings and all. Thank you so much girls! I appreciate every little thing and if I don't mention something specifically that came in the package please dn't think I wasn't pleased with it ok? I did enjoy everything you all sent me :)

 Arielle made the bday card she sent me. How awesome is that? I just feel so special having all of these custom made things :) She bought me the cute NOPI mini set and Wet n' Wild beautiful glitter I had spotted  before but held myself back to not buy me that cause I was on a NO BUY. Then I get that. So awesome!!! She also sent me a cute sign and eyeshadow set with some great colors. Thanks and thanks!!!!! Erika sent me the nail wheels I wanted so bad to start swatching my nail polish collection, such a gorgeous post card ( I want to go to New Hampshire), and a Barielle I had on my wishlist for ever and INM Southern Lights. How cool is that? November was like Xmas day everyday for me. Thank you soooo much girls!!

 I am not a Zoya virgin anymore because of Amber. I did the happy dance cause I have been wanting some Zoya it's been a while and there I have it. Thanks for spoiling me Amber :) And the scented Color Club too. Amber also hand made a nail polish jewelry for me. I need to wear it and post a pic here. It's beautiful!! Sarah B sent me some more nail wheels ( love love), some SH minsi and my first Elf :) Love it! And a great post card. Yayy! Tahnk you thank you girls!!

 Oh Ninon's was the last one to arrive. Found her package on my door step and oh boy she spoiled me bad. She crocheted a cute very well elaborated hand purse for me. How sweet is that! Than the post card that was just so cool with all the neon lines. I want to visit all the states I goot post cards from. Then I got some nail polish strips, Revlons, Essie, Funky Fingers ( my second one), OPI and another Zoya. From zero Zoyas to some of them :) And my first Sephora everrr. Thank you so much Ninon.

And to finish here you have a picture of all the polishes I got from the Birthday Club on my birthday month. Lots of polishes I have to try now :) I love all of them and I find interesting getting stuff that I'd never thought of buying or either didn't have access to it or had in my wishlist. It was just super fun! I thank you all again. I got admmit I'm sad it's over however once December month is approaching let's Miss December have all that fun throughout her bday month. I sure know Sarah B. is gonna had a blast. If you wanna keep peaking out on what's everybody getting please feel free to visit the other participants blogs >>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<<. Can't wait to send out my package to Sarah and see what she's gonna get.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Yay, so glad to see all the pictures together, love it.
    I have to start shopping for Sarah B now lol

  2. Wow, everything looks amazing! I'm going to keep up with the others to see what they're gonna get! Hope your birthday month went well! I can't wait to start this!

  3. Aww this looks really great! Hope you had a lovely birthday month!

  4. WOw that is so awesome! What a fun idea! It looks like you had a great birthday month and I hope that it was so!

  5. I'm so glad you love everything! You got a HAUL! Also, CRAP I forgot to add a post card.... I will send you one! LOL

  6. Looks like so much fun. Hope you had a fantastic birthday.

  7. This was so much fun. Such a great idea, Ju! :)

  8. HOLY CRAP! You made out like a bandit!! SCORE! Happy Birthday! :)

  9. It's SO much fun to be on the sending end too!! I can't wait to see how this progresses throughout the year!


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