Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby

I find myself loving red polish on my fingernails now. I used to think that that color was just for a pedicure. But I guess we chane our minds and I find myself picking lots of red tones. I don't match my mani most of the time but I have to say I always try to. Having red on your nails it's a great color and classic that goes with anything. This is Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby, a cream almost jelly sirine red. Sinful Colors is not one of my favorite brands of polish. I know other people loooove it. With me it works this way: when a SC polish is bad then it's really bad. Formula, color, application, finish, everything. But when a SC is good it's a really good one. This one is GREAT!! Really really good. That is my usual 2 coats. I had a good color coverage on nails, the application was just great and I love the color of it!
Do you have this color? What's your opnion on Sinful Color polishes?

And again, what's your favorite picture as far as the angle? Do you like the first or second picture?
You guys have a warm Sunday. I know it's been cold and some of you already have snow. Not my case (just snow on the mountains) but it's cold here.


  1. I feel the same as you as far as Sinful Colors go, they are either good or bad! I have this red too and I love it! I like the 2nd picture.

  2. That looks super gorgeous on you! :D I love bright beautiful red manis. <3

  3. I seriously JUST took SC Ruby Ruby off my fingers last night. I love it:) It's a great nail polish & I agree with you 100% on all SC polishes, they're hit or miss. Thanks for another great post!

  4. Yeah SC are a hit or miss. Glad to know I'm not the only one to think that way.
    *Kate that's funny you had the same polish on until yesterday :) Isn't a beautiful red? I really liked that one!
    * Ninon thanks! I just have a hard time photographing some reds and corals cause my skin tone always look a little bit off. On those picture for example my hand is super tan lololo


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