Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl

Looking for a jelly finish polish? There you have it. Sinful Colors Dady's Girl is a sheer violet purple with blue undertones (it's looks more blue on the picture than it really is). That polish is packed with fine puple glitter and very subtle fine gold shimmer. That another good polish from SC among the bad ones. If you like purple you will like this one.

Enjoy your Sunday!!

REMINDER: Today is the last day for you to submit your Xmas /Holiday manicure picture to the contest. You have until midnight to send it in to For more details CLICK HERE


  1. I really like this one.. Then again, I've recently become obsessed with all things blue! Beautiful mani!

  2. this color would be good for half moons! Purple is the best... i am biased, it's my favorite color!


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