Thursday, December 22, 2011

OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It

Sorry I've slow here on my blog. The main reason is my lovely computer that freezes now more often than ever. That drives me crazy. A simple thing that would take me few minutes to do now takes for ever.
I'm taking some time now to post this before Xmas comes and the Holiday Season is over.
What I have here is OPI  Swimsuit... Nailed It! I put that polish on my desk to be used but I really didn't know I could pull off something "Xmasshy" with it later.
I would describe this color, which its name seems very appropriate to it, like a  blue swimsuit from the 80's. Such an electric and vibrant blue. That color made me miss my childhood. So many memories. Isn't this pretty? I love it!

Then it passed a couple of days and I though of adding something  more wintery holiday like and I came up with snow and a snowflake BM14 on my middle finger. I topped everything off with Southern Lights and oh woww it feels cold just to look at it!

Base Color: OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It!
Dripping/ Stamping: Wet n' Wild White Creme
Design: BM 14
Top Coat : SV / Southern Lights


  1. this is really cute! i love the little snowflake :}

  2. Am wearing that same exact stamp right now-but over green and red alternating nails with a white funky tip-how cool is that?


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