Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Contest Voting Time

Voting time is on!
First I apologize for not being able to make the pictures available for voting on Dec 12th (Monday). I was out of town for the weekend and on my way back home I was caught by bad weather on the road and had to figure something out. Due to that I am now extending the voting time till Dec 31st and result will be released sometime in January 2012. Hope that makes it up for those who where sending me emails asking for the contest pictures to be shown.
If you wanna read more about the contest please CLICK HERE just knowing that the voting period has been extended. Now just head to my facebook page and enjoy all the entries and cast your vote by LIKE(ing)  whatever pictures you think deserve you vote. Any questions please shoot me an email to
Thanks to everyone who are participating. For those who missed out on this feel free to share your pictures on my facebook page (knowing that submissions for the contest are over).

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