Friday, December 16, 2011

Essie Cocktail Bling Collection - Winter 2011

Oh it took me awhile to get those pictures together cause I actually wore those colors for at least a week. I absolutely love all the colors in this collection Essie threw us for winter this year.
This is Essie Cocktail Bling Winter 2011 Collection made out of 6 beautiful cream colors all together: Cocktail Bling, Brooch The Subject, Bangle Jangle, School of Hard Rocks, Size Matters, Bobbing for Baubles.

Image Source: Essie

I have here swatches of all the colors in that collection for you guys. For all of them I used 2 coats to achieve full coverage. Actually there are some of them that are so pigmented that you might just need one coat though. I had no problems as far as application. The formula on this collection is superb. Once I wore all of them I can tell the wear of those polishes is long last. I really really like them all and have nothing to say about this collection but good things. Now scrool down for swatch pictures.

 COCKTAIL BLING - let's start with the polish the collection was named after. Cocktail Bling is a pale gray with blue undertones. I love baby blues and love grays so the combination of the two made me just happy to have that little bottle I will tell you that.

SIZE MATTERS -  it's a blazing hot ruby red. It's a very interesting color cause sometimes it also look a very deep burgundy red like shown on the picture. I don't know if you guys already know that but I love red and love red polishes. That one could be different. It's so creamy that you could almost just wear one coat of it but I went with two. I can't wait to be able to have a pedi so I can put that on. It's a 5 star kinda polish!

BOBBING FOR BAUBLES -  is a deep dark sapphire. It's something very very unique in my collection. That polish was actually the one I was lusting so bad. when I saw a press about that collection I didn't care less about the other colors. That one just popped to me and I said out loud "I want you". That color is just fantastic.
BANGLE JANGLE - Ops, have we seen this before? I know right. Bangle Jangle looks like Cocktail Bling a lot. Just slightly different. However this polish has more a lavender tone to it than blue per say. Still very very pretty.
SCHOOL OF HARD ROCKS - such a pretty muted green toned teal. One of my favorites from the collection. Don't know how to define that color but all I have to say is ... I heart that one a lot!
BROOCH THE SUBJECT -  last but not the least we have that nude among bold and pastel colors. I thought it was wonderful of Essie to throw that color in the collection. I like collections that have diversity and gives you options. I'm not top keen on nudes unless I need to get out of the door real quick then Í'll put it on just not to have my nails naked. But I really like this one cause is really pigmented and makes my job easy on application. Love all the colors in this collection. Essie really rocked on this one!!!

Which ones are your favorites?
Have you tried any of those colors? Shar eyour pictures on Lacquered Me facebook page HERE.
Hope you guys liked the swatches :) Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Too bad this is one of the most expensive brands. And too bad I am poor hahaaha. I love those colors Ju. It had been a while since last time I was here. Miss you!


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