Friday, December 2, 2011

NYC Bowery Black

When you are traveling is just so hard to keep up with your mani. Here I want to share a quick manicure I did while I was on my trip.
I always bring my polish parafernalia along with me but where is the time to sit down and do my nails? Where? I just had so many people to visit with and places to go to that is almost impossible on catching up changing your already chipped polish. But this time I managed to change my polish doing a  quick mani. And here it is. I used NYC Bowery Black a black gunmetal cream polish with lots of pretty silver shimmer in it. Just pretty!
Do you guys own any NYC, the Quick Dry ones? How do you like them. I simply love and own almost every color from that line. They have an affordable price and the quality is absolutely superb.
Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend guys! Thanks for stopping by.

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