Thursday, December 1, 2011

Essie Blanc + Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl (dislike)

Where did the year go? DECEMBER!!!!! Is that right? Can't believe it. But you know what I am excited cause my favorite holiday season is here. All the sweet songs, the pine tree smell, the yummy food, the lights, luminarias, the decoration and the most important the remind to all of us that we need to show our love to one another and really feel what's the real meaning of Xmas. I love love love Christmas. what's your favorite holiday?
Ok, now let's go to the lacquer matter.
Trying another white polish. Today I tried Essie Blanc. Not my favorite of favorites. Just ok. It's not that creamy, somewhat watery and it got opaque on my 3rd coat. Then, I was like, " Yeah, I think I like it" but like I said here before I like the one coat/two coats polishes. If I need a 3rd coat then I decide it's not the polish for me. Just the way I am. Cause that would be paiting 30 fingers once you have to do 3 coats on each one of your fingernails right? What a hassle!

Then I tried over Essie applying Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl , a frosty shimmer white pearl ... and oh boy, superrrr draggy. I hate it!!! Do not like frosty finishes at all specially if they drag in some level that not even a great top coat (Seche Vite) can fix it. It's like I have mentioned here before: Sinful Colors nail polish are a hit and miss. Some of them are really great but most of them (in my opnion) are trash.

What are your opnions on Sinful Colors? Do you have SC Pearl Harbor? Do you dislike too or is just me?


  1. Interesting, Ive never seen Pearl Harbor Sinful colors look like that. The one I have and have seen everywhere is a clear base with a irridescent blue glitter type look to it. Did they change it?

  2. I have some Sinful Colors, but I am the same as you...I HATE dragging. Especially when you get so many coats on, it seems inevitable with some polishes. So I will probably not be getting Pearl Harbor. Frosty finishes aren't my thing, either.

  3. I like most of my Sinful Colors, but they are certainly hit at miss!

  4. --> Erika - you are totally right. I got the wrong name. I knew it was something Pearl and I went for Pearl Harbor lololo The right name of the polish I swatched is TOKYO PEARL. Thanks for the heads up!!

    --> Sarah I got the wrong name for the polish swatched as I said on my response above. The polish on this post is called SC TOKYO PEARL and not Pearl Harbor. Peral Harbor is beautiful and is a keeper. I recommend that one. Sorry for the confusion!

  5. The Essie looks so clean and sharp on you! I agree about Tokyo Pearl though. :/ It has too much of those little drag lines that drive me crazy! I hate those too! I have a couple pieces of pearl jewelry and I can see where the inspiration for these polishes comes from but I have yet to find one that is truly smooth and gives the look of a real pearl. I still heart the idea for this mani though! <3


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