Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Sinful Colors Xmas Collection

I love to see what some companies come up with as their whatever something Xmas Collection. I was staring at these colors and thought of creating my own Sinful Colors Xmas nail polish collection. lolololo
Stay tuned for my own xmas collection direct from my nail polish stash :)

 LAST CHANCE - it's a deep cream pine tree green. And OMG super glossy. On the pictures above yeah, NO TOP COAT added. If you follow my blog your know I always say Sinful Colors polishes are a hit or miss. That one is a total hit. It's a must have it. I used 2 coats  for that mani.

 ALL ABOUT YOU -  a really cool gold glitter with some orange/redish understones to it. It looks so festive to me and also very very similar to what we have seen being released lately for the Holidays by NOPI and China Glaze. There you have an affordable dupe for those I'm talking about.

 SAN FRANCISCO - is a green elf shimmer color. I used 2 coats and I'm pretty positive I could have used another coat for full coverage. It's pretty and xmas like. Oh I love Xmas :)

RUBY RUBY - is a Santa Claus hat jelly red. Yeah you heard right. I mean you read it right. This red has a jelly finish. Just 2 coats and there you have a super pretty mani.

PS PS PS PS PS : Just reminding you guys that this collection was pulled off by me and is not something Sinful Colors released as a Xmas Collection ok? I just did that for fun. Sometimes we feel tempted to buy a whole collection of polishes just cause the So So Company released that "cool" collection and we do enjoy to see all of those colors together being called as THE collection. However, sometimes we do not realize we already have something really cool and/or similar to what just came out. And I believe we can pull out some colors and make our very own collection whith what we already got. Don't you think? Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Now go to your nail polish stash and try pulling out your Xmas collection.


  1. I love this idea! I should do this more often with my own stash rather that going out and making sure I have each every Christmas, Winter, New Year's, etc etc etc collection.


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