Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Milani Spring 2012 - Part II

Pin It  Milani, oh Milani I heart you and your colors, high pigmentation, great application and wear are making my nails fall in love with you so bad.
What I have here to show you guys is the second part of the Spring 2012 shades Milani is bringing to us. What I can tell you is: these polishes look way prettier when on your nails. I didn't expect much when i saw them from the bottle. But ladies, I gotta tell you Milani again has impressed me. They do know what they are doing and they know how to make good polish for a good price.

There are 10 new different colors and among them we can find creams and shimmers. There are some colors that they are just basic regular color we can find anywhere but the quality is a must have for sure. For these swatches I used Milani base and top coat. Some of the polishes I had to apply 2 coats for full coverage but most of them are just one coater - Milani doesn't even claim they can be one coat polishes. I looooveee one coat nail polishes. it saves me so much time! Now, to the pictures. Get a drink of water, coffee or whatever and enjoy these :)

 NATURAL TOUCH - it's a plain cream nude. One coat of it and you have full coverage.

 HIPSTER PLUM - one coat of this beautiful creme dark plum. Love it!

 FUCHSIA FIERCE - that is definitely a one coater nail polish. It's a cream hot pink with red undertones to it. It looks like the red/corals/pinks from the other Milani polish I have recently posted here but no, they are not dupes. They are indeed different.

 U PINKY SWEAR - a bubble gum pastel pink. Just lovely! Great application but I had to use here 2 coats for full coverage which is fine. Super cute this color here :)

 PINK SLIPPERS - this is a nude shade with a twist. There is some pink shimmer to it. If you don't like bold colors Milani has heard you. This one is for you :) 2 coats.

 PINK & PROPER - One of my favorites right here. It's a shimmer coral with brown rose undertones. I could have done this one with just one coat but came down to 2 coats though. Beautiful!

 JUST GRAYT - yeah, it's like its name. It's just a gray but let me tell you , the formula is perfect. I have 2 coats for that swatch. I am a sucker for grays and I have to say this is one of my favorites too :)

 A ROSE MYLADY - oh how lovely. Another nude pale pink with some subtle shimmer. Two coats!

 MORNING COFFEE -  not a big fan of brown polishes but this ones is soooo glossy and pretty I can't say otherwise. It also makes me drool thinking that I have my nails covered in milk chocolate. Yummy polish :)

CHOCOLATE SPRINKLE - and speaking of chocolate here we have this precious that's the last but not least. I under estimated that polish by its bottle. When I put on my nails I was like "Wowwwwwww'. Again, like I said, I am not a fan of browns but this one again makes an especial exception. Milani can you hear me? You are doing such a great job and I love you. Ladies, I think you all should grab a bottle of Milani Chocolate Sprinkle. Seriously! That one is my favorite among of all the ones I swatched above. It's one coater (that makes it even more awesome), application is wonderful and it shows super glossy. Chocolate Sprinkle is nothing like I am able to find in my nail polish stash. It's a chocolate brown packed with metalic gold shimmer that if you look pretty close or under the light you can kinda find a beautiful color spectrum in there. It's gorgeous period.

What do you think? Any favorites here? Have you tried Milani before? Do you also think they have been doing a great job with their nail polish formulas? Leave me a comment!!


  1. Gorg polish & love your swatches!

  2. Love Pink Slippers. I don't have any Milanis, but I think this one needs to be my first!

    1. If you don;t have any Milanis yet you should try them out. They are very inexpensive for its great quality :) Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I pretty much love them all! Shame they're not so easy to get here. I have 3 Milani's - a glitter and two metallics - all so gorgeous!

  4. Wow Chocolate Sprinkles is STUNNING!!! I'm for sure going to get a bottle when I go to America!!!

  5. I cannot wait to find these! They are all so pretty; especially Chocolate Sprinkle. I am loving Milani these days. They have been stepping it up in the quality and variety of products.

  6. I didn't like these based on the bottle shots, but your swatches have me sold on four or five of them. That plum is divine! It also sounds like Milani is really improving their formula if they're all one or two coats to full application, which is great to hear.

    Also, I love that your swatches are of a medium-short length. Gives me a better idea of what it'll look like on my nails, since they're too weak to grow out very long without breaking. A nice change from the lengthy talons you see on a lot of blogs!

    1. ah ohh thank you Cathy :) Thanks for stopping by. And yes, Milani is doing a great job lately for sure.

  7. I really like u pink swear, pink slippers and a rose mylady. nice switches and review x :-)


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