Friday, January 27, 2012

China Glaze First Class Ticket + Essie Shine of The Times

Friday yayyyy!
I am so looking foward to this weekend. I had quite a busy week. I'm not complaining. It was actually very productive though and I feel happy about that. Sorry I don't have enought time to be blogging but I am always on my facebook page as soon as I can. Also check my LM email often and am busy answering you guys' emails. I had tons feedback from my last post about Jordana's new collection. I do like that glitter collection too: price, quality and variety. Answering again what everybody asks "Where can I find them?" You will be able to find Jordana polishes at Kmart and/or on their website (all of them).
For today I have a combo that I can't stop staring at. Flakies have been quite popular and lots of companies have been releasing them here and there. For the Holidays last year Essie came up with a fun collection including Essie Shine of the Times. When I saw press releases of it and a picture from the beauty event in Las Vegas last summer I knew I had to have that one. And here it is. It's a beautiful flake. Looks like Nubar 2010 but it's a bit chunkier and fuller. A bit thicker if that means more flakies, I am on board. If you have a nail polish collection you have to have at least one bottle of flakie. That gives a whole different look to any boring polish you might have. 

 Essie Shine of the Times

 A macro shot. That way you can see what I am talking about.

 And this is China Glaze First Class Ticket. That is what I have under Essie. That is a pretty violet ink purple full of super fine shimmer. You kinda have to move your fingernails to be able to see that. Pretty cool!

Remember that you still can submit your Valentine Manicure Photo to the Nail Art Contest until this Sunday. You're not gonna miss out on that, are you? To see details on how to submit your entry please CLICK HERE.

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  1. Your swatch did a great job of capturing all the colors in SOTT!

  2. HOly moley! That looks AMAZING! I need to get that flakey ASAP! lol


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