Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome February ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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It is really F-E-B-R-U-A-R-Y?? Really?
Where did January go?
I do not know but February is here and I love this month. Here I have some manicure to received this month with lots of love  ♥. One of my favorite colors is red and so here you have it. I pulled out some OPI Mat-adore. I don't even know how to describe this color rather than perfection. It was just a little hard for me to apply it cause it's an oldie and its brush is not a flat one :( overall I managed to make it work and I love it.

Then I went to my plates to play around with heart shape designs and all Valentine like. I used all of the designs from one plate. That plate is really special for me. I'd like to share with you all a little cute story. You know how I have my wish list here on my blog? So during Xmas time I saw my husband looking at my blog from his computer. I was like "Uhm ok. I was a bit embaressed that he was reading what I write there" but he jumped out of his chair like he got caught. On Xmas morning he had bought me some nail plates that were on my wish list. I thought that was such a thoughtful gift. He is the best! So, yeah, that is a very special plate for me indeed.
So, back to my mani here ... I messed up on the middle finger and I tried to make it up free hand fixing oen of the hearts. Oh bummer! I was just too tired to do it all over again.  But if you look pretty fast you won't even notice LOL I promise.

Base Color: OPI Mat-adore
Stamping: Sally Hansen White On
Designs: M59/ BM 11


  1. this shade is very elegant and flattering on you. the stamping looks super cute!

  2. I LOVE this - what a beautiful colour of red (and I thought I knew all the OPI reds!). I love the designs you did, and your middle finger doesn't look messed up at all. Fabulous St. Valentine's Day mani!!!


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