Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sally Hansen Lapis Amethyst over Love & Beauty by Forever 21

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Oh how I love lavender, blue tones. It kinda brings me a peacefull feeling to my soul. I had two polishes I wanted to use so I decided to play with both of them together and see what I would get. Just apologize for my cuticles. I have been really really busy and I have been slacking on taking take of my cuticles. But oh well, I can also blame the dry and cold weather. Let me stop babbling and get to the pictures.

 On the picture above I have Beauty & Love by Forever 21 Dusty Blue. The I grabbed my bottle of an old one from Sally Hansen, Lapiz Amethyst. I am not a big fan of frosty, pearls finish but this one is an exception for sure.

What do you think? Like that somple combination?

And remember, I'm hosting again another nail art contest. If you want to participate you've got this week to get your mani done or one that you have done already in the past time and submit it. It just needs to follow the Valentine theme. CLICK HERE for details!!


  1. I like them! And just to let you know, your pin it works now! :)

  2. I love how nail prisms look on the nails!
    Super pretty blue too!



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