Saturday, February 25, 2012

Butter London Big Smoke

Pin It First time sharing with you guys an expensive polish. Something I usually don't give my money to. I am a good girl letting it pass: high end big brands polish. Not because they aren't good but because I don't have the money to splurge myself. In fact, I do own another Butter London (Wallis) that my sister got me for my birthday but I never got to use. I guess because I like the color so much. But I will show you guys soon.
This polish I have for you guys today was obtained to thank goodness a swap. I love that I'm so blessed with my polish enablers friends. They are keepers :) A while ago I got thi Butter London Big Smoke in a swap. I was sooooo thrilled. But when I got the package this polish there spilled bad all over the bubble wrap and envelope. On top of that that stuff wasn't smelling like polish. The fumes were bad I mean you couldn't stand it. I don't know if had a reaction with the packing material or the lid (cause the lid melted) or if it really was the polish formula that was rotten. I had no idea. But I was sure I wouldn't put that on my nails even if the bttle said Butter London "Hey I'm an hefty priced polish!" What I did was put the polish bottle away in my garage cause the house was smelling bad. I even offered my swapper to send the polish back cause I wouldn't wear and she said to keep it.
Last week my mom said "Hey, I found a polish in your garage". I had completely forgotten about it. I got the bottle, stared at it, smelled, thought and re-thought. Wear, don't, wear, don't. I couldn't resist the blue. The bottle wasn't smelling like the smell I still recall from that day. Then I decided to give it a try. The battle I had to deal was to open the polish cause remember I told you the cap had melted when I got the polish last year. I put the bottle in pure acetone, in hot water, everything I could do it to get it open. I was super careful cause the last thing I wanted was to break the neck of the bottle LoL. I finally got it open and yayyy I'm glad my swapper Lailaa told me to keep the bottle. As you see in the picture the cap is not melted. Yeah it's not cause that's my Wallis cap I used to make the picture pretty.
Butter London Big Smoke is beautiful. I feel like a million dollars. Except I wiped that off my nails yesterday afraid the formula contained any acid and would ruin my nails. I'm a freak I know. But here you have it a swatch of it!


  1. Mmmmm that is such a rich blue - I don't own any Butter's but every time I see swatches I just have to ask myself why not.

  2. That is a really odd thing, and I'd contact BL and ask what the deal is.
    The color is gorgeous! I own one Butter (British Racing Green) and I love it. I go check out their display in Ulta often, but none of the other colors really speak to me-- not inside the bottles, anyway. This one really does look amazing on.


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