Friday, February 3, 2012

OPI Lunch at the Dehli

Pin It Hello you guys!!
I wish I could be more consistent posting on my blog. Thank goodness I have a facebook page so I can say "Hi" more often. It's really hard to keep up with both blog/fb but I do what my time allows me to :) So, I just appreciate your visit here.
Today I feature another OPI I got from my friend Mycah. She has been my enabler on my polish fun.
I have a pile of untried and this one was in there. I know it's been cold. The weather calls for dark bold colors but I really wanted something vibrant and colorful to cheer me up. This is OPI Lunch at the Dehli. It's a cream peach coral type of color. It's a bit different in real life. Yet beautiful!

I washing my hands a lot, doing stuff around the house and got some tip chips from that. I loved that color so much i refused to wipe it off. Then I though of layering with some NOPI Black Texture. I am not a big fan of crackles but the would save my mani for a couple more days. It kinda gave me the bold super bold look. I somewhat like it though :) Just HATE the NOPI bottle shape. Can you tell how awkward is for me to hold that for a picture? Ridiculous. NOPI if you are readign this please CHANGE THE SHAPE OF YOUR SAGGIE BOOBS NAIL POLISH BOTTLE. Do you agree with me?

And hey the Be My Valentine Nail Art Contest needs your vote. Have you seen the cute entries yet? vote to your favorite one HERE.

Thanks for watching!!


  1. LOL! i'm not a fan of the bottle either but i never thought of it as a saggy boob. i will now, however! i like what you did with the crackle. haven't seen that before.

  2. Cute! Rofl about the saggy boob!!


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