Thursday, February 16, 2012

GREAT DEAL : get a $40 Bloom voucher for only $5 + Free Shipping

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I've been MIA here on my blog due to health issues. I'm getting better and soon will be bringing some colorful and fun stuff to you guys :)
For now I have been on the look out for good deals and today I have a very very good one that you can take advantage. Even if you are on a no buy like I am LoL. We can't let this one go. Ok, finishing talking and going straight to what the deal is.
You guys have probably heard about the awesome promotions have thrown lately. They have another one going on right now. They have partnered with Gilt City to provide this awesome voucher:

Get a $40 voucher for only $5 + Free Shipping 

The blue prints for the deal:

- First, is working with GiltCity (it's kinda like Groupon) giving $40 worth of voucher for $20. To end up spending only $5you need to follow these steps:
  1. Become a Member of Gilt City by clicking on this GILT CITY LINK (if you don't see your city there, select any it doesn't really matter for this promotion where you live at). If you are a new member you will receive a $15 Gilt City Credit when you join. (You will see your credit in the "Special offers" section under "My Account". It will also be automatically used for your first Gilt City Purchase). This $15 credit is what will eventually make your Bloom Voucher worth $5.
  2. Buy the Voucher on Gilt City ( Hurry offer Ends on: Thursday, February 23). 
  3. Click Here to register on  By the way, on the plus side: Bloom is offering $10 to spend on your first purchase. Enter code NEWBLOOM10 (only for new costumers, min of $30 purchase).
  4. Now start thinking on what you will spend with your $40. You will find lots of different beauty brand on including OPI, Zoya, Stilla and more.
Are you excited about that deal? Hope you enjoy!! Share this post with your friends!!
Come back here and leave me a comment if you snagged that awesome promotion :)

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  1. They changed it to 20% off instead of $5 a few hours ago.


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