Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nailtiques Moscow

Pin It If you have noticed I loved red nail polish. And today I have another one for you. And a brand I have never used before. I will be showing you Nailtiques Moscow.
And here is what the company has to say about them:

" Nailtiques is an innovator in the worldwide nail care industry. Our company is dedicated to the development and maintenance of healthy, natural nails. Our complete line of prescribed, salon-tested products provides the best nail care system available today.
Our company’s success is based upon its unique products that promote natural nail growth, strength and moisture retention. Since 1990, Nailtiques has been providing therapeutic nail treatments that surpass all others. Nailtiques nail care system treats multiple nail problems with six specially formulated protein strengths. They not only supply nourishment to strengthen nails, they also eliminate peeling.
Nailtiques crèmes are a vital source for healthy skin and nails. The unique formulations provide complete nourishment that promotes and maintains a healthy foundation for long strong nails and beautiful skin.
Nailtiques is based in Florida and is the sole manufacturer and distributor of its products. Because we will not sacrifice quality, our products are made of the finest ingredients."

They sent me this beautiful cream tomato red that really surprised me. Moscow is a one coater. Yes, I said that all we need is a one single coat to reach full opacity. This is all I have on the pictures above : one single coat. It's a very pigmented red polish that is now one of my favorite polishes. All thumbs up for that red by Nailtiques. Application was flawless and effortless. For now I just have that color for you.
Their nail polish retail for $10 for a bottle of 1/3oz (pretty good size bottle).
They claim their color lacquer is infused with protein. They also have several products in their line that will treat, improve and provide better look and health to your nails. If you go to their website you will see tons of stuff they have: base coats for maintenance for healthy nail, treatment for soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails and care for natural nail. You will find 16 different shades of nail lacquer with protein as well as cuticle and skin gel, nail moisturizer, hand conditioner, foot creme, cuticle oil, nail polish remover and even nail biting inhibitor and fungus treatment. Lots and lots of good stuff.

Visit their website CLICK HERE.

You can order Nailtiques products from:
 their website --> http://www.nailtiques.com/
 on the phone --> 800.622.7222 / 772.228.9738
 by mail --> Nailtiques 10315 102nd Terrace Sebastina, FL 32958
 or find a dealer in your area HERE --> you will be able to find it at ULTA, Walgreens, CVS, etc.

Do you wanna see more color swatches? Visit Nailtiques website and leave a comment telling me what color you want to see swatched :)

* Product was sent to me for unbiased review purposes*


  1. Never heard of that brand before. Thanks for this great post. I need to go out and find me a Nailtiques. Are you gonna show more colors?

  2. Love red too. And that one is a keeper. I have to try that brand. Thanks for the review on it! BTW Love your blog :)

  3. Ohh, beautiful! I would love to see London and St Croix swatched. :)


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