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Trind Nail & Hand - Review - UPDATE

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I really apologize people. I set this post to be posted last week but apparently it didn't work out. I set up to be post in 2013 LoL
So, no more talking about how over the place I am lately. Let's get to Trind Nail & Hand cosmetics.
I got these beauties here to review and I am so happy I got to use their products. These nail polishes are manufactured in The Netherlands but we have a distributor here in the States.

This is what Trind says about their products:

"We focus primarily on Natural Nail Care in developing natural nails building strength and flexibility.  Approximately 80% of the women’s population simply have problems with their natural nails based on two primary fundaments.

1) Environmental influences
2) Hormonal Changes

Our base on counter-acting these two influences (for the majority of natural nail problems) is building a balance of moisture and developing strength.

Once we have achieved this action then we can focus on Fashion for the natural nail COLOR!  With our caring color polishes that maintain the natural nails integrity while providing a beautiful color!Polishes are known to negatively affect the nail plate! Not with Trind’s Caring Color Polish! WHO CARES???? TRIND DOES!!!!! With its Caring Color Polish! Developing a reason to carefully select a color polish!!!!"

My first impression of the product was "Oh my gosh, how cute are their bottles!!"  Those are unique bottle for sure. But they are not only cute. Those caps are really nice and has an anatomical function to it on application. It's so easy to hold to it. Absolutely love it!
I have here 5 colors to show you. I have 2 coats on all of the pictures. All of them had great application. No complaints. The only big frustration for me is that Trind don't name their colors with fun names. They only go by names. Boring! I know. I was expecting something whimsical to fit with the bottle shape. Don't you think I am right? If you have suggestions for naming these colors leave a comment. Let's do justice to those cute bottles giving them names :) Let's inspire Trind. Now to the pictures.

CC111 - this is a metallic pink with gray undertones to it. I was afraid of that one cause I don't like metallic finishes but I am really impressed. It's not streaky and it applies really easy. 

CC108 - a bright shimmery hot pink. I found its formula to be a title too runny but it still worked with only 2 coats.

CC118 - one of my favorites here. That is a dark shimmery ruby. It's gorgeous!! The formula is very pigmented I almost didn't need 2 coats. Super pretty!! I didn't want to take it off my nails.

CC133 - a tomato red glitter. I have here 3 coats for full coverage. It look more red in person than on the picture. That colors calls the name "PARTY". It's so fun!

CC114 - the picture above and below are the same polish color. The difference is the above has no flash and below is with flash. Another favorite here. This is a orange coral with very fine and subtle silver shimmer to it. This is soooooo summer. I think it would be a great color for a pedi. Don;t you think?

CC135 - and the last one but not the least. Again, another favorite of mine. This is a woww color. I love blues and this is is no exception. This color is sooooo glossy I can't believe it. Detail: I have no top coat on.

Price: $12.95
Trind website: 
Find Trind close to you HERE 
Call them at Toll Free: 866.800.0091

Trind has a whole line of nail care including not only nail polish but nail polish remover, nail treatment, top coats, base coats, nail file, nail kits and much more.
If you need to see people talking about Trind's products CLICK HERE. There are awesome testimonials over there. Give it a try!

Visit TRIND on Facebook and LIKE their page if you would. They would really appreciate!!

YOU NEED TO READ THIS  Trind will be giving away 5 kits for a Natural Nail Strengthening Challenge that includes a Natural Nail Strengthener, Nail Balsam Hydrator, Nail Magic-3 Way Buffer and Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover. Stay tuned for details on the giveaway!!!! Would you like to try Trind products? Leave me a comment!!


  1. I love the Ruby red,glitter and the blue one the most the bright pink one is pretty too though.I do agree the bottles are really cool looking and they should come with cool names haha.I would love to try these too.

  2. I love, love, love Trind Balsam. It saves my nails every time I take of artificials.

  3. i think i would love to give Trind a try. I have tried everything i can think of and cant get my real nails to grow. I end up puttin on fake ones most of the time. I would love to find something that would halp me to grow my real nails out. the fake ones get boring after a while.

    1. I am loving their nail balm. And I am in love with their cute bottles :)

  4. I've neve seen Trind nail polishes, but I have seen their nail care products.. I've tried the nail balsam and it has been my fave of all times! But I can't get it here anymore ;) I also have their cuticle remover/softener, which is very good!


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