Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nicole by OPI Sealed with a Kris

Pin It A quick post for you guys. I have Nicole by OPI Sealed with a Kris from the Kardashian Collection in 2011. I loved rich cream nail polishes. Specially in red tones :) This one is just perfect with 2 coats. Again, I can't denied how hideous NOPI nail polish bottles are. It's been a while now I have bought any of them. I really hate their bottles and sometimes want to put the polish in another descent bottle so I can use it. I am planing on not ever buying NOPI just because of their saggy boob bottles. They don't sit well on my shelf, it's hard to hold on to it and it's hard to hold them for a picture. Anyways, the color that came from on of their bottles today is indeed beautiful though.
What's your opinions on NOPI nail polish bottles?


  1. the bottles are a bit weird I really don't like the shape but this color is so beautiful I've been looking for a good deep burgundy red color.

  2. I'm not going to lie, I just can't deal with all the cutesy Kardashian polish names and I do wish NOPI would stop it already, because the colors in this line are so great. This is no exception-- I need more vampy reds in my life. If only this was renamed... lol. ;)

  3. LOL! Saggy boob bottles! That's hilarious! The color is gorgeous.

  4. Is it a transparent red? I had one many years ago (I think it was Peggy Sage, in a very photogenic bottle) but never found it again; I loved that dark, transparent red.

    1. Magda it's not that transparent but is a bit jelly however I think it leans more to be a cream. It is a beautiful color though :)

  5. I've been wondering how this color compares with OPI Got the Blues for Red. It looks like it would be very close to me, but I wonder what they would look like side by side.


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