Friday, March 2, 2012

Essie Canyon Coral

Pin It Do you know the feeling when you love a polish so much but you see yourself in a hard spot where you need to describe its color? Yeah, here I am. That akward moment. Essie Canyon Coral is a bright and cream color with red/pink undertones. Hard to describe it and even photograph but I loveee this color. I remember last month I sold my extra bottle. But just cause I had to do some clean up and make room in my stash. Do you do that too? When you buy a color that you like so much you get a back up bottle? I need to stop doing that LoL
But back to this beautiful summery color ... I had 2 effortless coats of that pretty. Love the bright but yet not in your face coral. I can wait for Spring/Summer. I amin Arizona right now and I feel like it's Spring here. Loving the weather :)

The photo below looks totally different from the photo above but that's how it looks too me. It keeps changing how red or pink/orange the color is. Love it! That's the type of coral I like,

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend you all :)


  1. This looks delicious! I don't know what to call it either, but definitely beautiful and while I usually don't have lemmings for reds or pinks, this one just jumped on my wish list. :)

  2. I've added this to my Wish List...I'm a sucker for a great coral.


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