Wednesday, March 14, 2012

OPI You're Such a Kabuki Queen

Pin It  Like you guys already know I am striving on getting better on my dotting but it's still coming along. Oh, well. I will share anyways. The only thing I am really concerned here is that I got a new computer and my images on this computer look sooooo bright. I'm terrified. Do this pictures below look super bright pink almost neon? I don't know what to do :( Please leave me a comment down below.

Below is the base color OPI You're Such a Kabuki Queen. It is not this bright in person though. I really hope that bright is only on my computer screen. This shade is softer IRL than I see here.

Base Color: OPI You're Such a Kabuki Queen
Dots: Dotting tool
Design: M59
Stamping: Wet n'Wild White and Black
TC: SV/ Southern Lights


  1. It looks super bright on my computer too but I wouldn't call it a neon! Love the black & white dots :)

  2. This looks good on here! It doesn't look bright at all. It's really a cute pink!

    1. Good to hear that but Nail Stories left a comment above saying the opposite :( I really need to fix this but don't know how.

  3. This look so cute! I love that pink :)

  4. I think the color looks fine, I'm on a Dell.

  5. It's not bright on my screen. I have a PC, and it looks good.

  6. It's not bright on my PC. It looks good.

  7. I have a PC and it looks bright to me compared to other swatches of this polish other places. I like it better the way it looks here though.


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