Saturday, May 7, 2011

Funk French Butterfly

I just love non traditional french manicures.They can be fun, unique and super stylish. I tried a curved tip using tape and I kinda like it. Stamped a butterfly and voila. Me gusta! Do you stick with traditional french tips or do you risk on other shapes and colors?
 For the tips one I used a brazilian polish Risqué Carmen. It's a very dark opaque purple. I'll do a swatch wearing just it one of these days.
I just apologize for my grown cuticles. I got in a challenge to not nip them off and so far I am holding myself back with my tools. It's been a month already. They don't look horrible in my opnion but they also don't look great. But oh well, it's just been so easy to change nail polish colors without having to take your cuticles off every time you do them. One more month and I'll share w/ you guys my own experience with it.

Base: Wet n' Wild 237C-Gray's Anatomy over NYC Walkers
Tip/Stamp: Risqué Carmen
Design: M25
TC: Revlon 965

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