Saturday, March 5, 2011

Animal Print Nails

I have been playing with my nail polishes.
Usually I sit down to do my nails in a Saturday but as I am no longer using a niper to get rid of my cuticules ( I will share my experience in another post) I have been changing my nail polish quite often. I was watching TV last night and painting my nails when I ended up with that funky look. I tried to use a Konad plate. It was very hard to get the design to transfer well to the stamper. I even  tried two different brands of polish. But I guess you need to keep playing with it until you get the hang of it.The first one looks just like a cow then I added some gold to it and yeah see the result below. I love the fact that I have nails like I have printed a piece of fabric to it.
I apologize about the picture quality. I'll start to use my big camera with better light. It's just easy for me to snap a pic, do some montage w/ an app and then post to my fb page all from my phone.

I just clicke that picture so you can see how it looks like during the day.

Got those ones last night.

I have never done anything like that to my nails before. Would you wear it?

Base: N.Y.C. 203
Color: Wet n' Wild 449C-French white Cr'eme
Stamp: Wet n' Wild 424A-Black Cr'eme / ULTA Profesional Lotsa Luxe
Design: M 61
TC: N.Y.C. 271-Extra Shiny TC

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