Saturday, April 16, 2011

Failure :(

I really really struggled wih this stamping. I think it was because I tried to get pretty fancy with the design and I ended up screwing up the whole thing. The first picture is the total failure after I had done my nails, everything was perfect until I had to take the tape off. Oh well, the tape came off peeling all my polish out of my nails. Really?!??!!? But like I told you on a post before. I might not master the art of stamping yet. But I have learned fast that you should keep ppraticing with lost and lots of patience until you get. And yeah, I could have cleaned all of and give up but I re-did all again just to show myself I CAN.

Base: NYC 203
Color: Love & Beauty - Dusty Blue
Stamp: Wet n' Wild 417F- Eggplant Frost
Plate: BM19
TC: Revlon 965

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